Starlett Sheffield


“And with all thy getting, get understanding.” Starlett is a mother of two beautiful daughters and believes you must be knowledgeable in order to maintain a solid foundation.

Starlett started her career in banking with over 25 years of experience.  Throughout her career, Starlett has helped hundreds of families with everything from refinancing to home preservation where she helped families avoid foreclosure. After a company-wide shutdown, she worked as CFPB Auditor where her #1 goal was to ensure financial institutions promoted fairness and transparency for homeowners throughout the home-buying process. It was at this point that Starlett realized her mission is to ensure every family seeking homeownership has a realtor that’s Knowledgeable Reliable Educated Aware Loyal Trustworthy One-of-a-kind & Respected.

“Homeownership is a powerful thing. I believe where you live becomes the center of your universe and a place where memories are made.”